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'Teaching Positive Self-Talk Young' website

'Teaching Positive Self Talk Young' is a website I created as a resource for parents to access educational material to help improve children's positive self-talk.

I created not only the site but also all of the materials held within the website! 

'Meshed.' upcycled clothing website

'Meshed.' an online upcycling clothing brand that promotes adventure, creativity, and confidence. 

Meshed is an online clothing store that upcycles and redesigns clothing and merchandise in the U.S. to promote adventure, creativity, and confidence. I not only head and create all of the designs and graphics for Meshed. but I am also a co-owner of the buisness with two other girls, Reagan Boland, and Christiana Rose. 

Wes Anderson Film Fest Website

This was a project for my Web and Interface design class.

Wes Anderson is a filmmaker. I used one of his films (Moonrise Kingdom) as inspiration for the website format and design aesthetic.

'Nothing But Red' Experimental Website

'Nothing But Red' is an experimental website and more of an interactive interface. 

The written piece 'Nothing But Red' was written by Reagan Boland describing her experience dealing with the pain of watching her mother fight breast cancer.


The creation of this interactive site was my take on her writings and an outlet for expressing how the exchange of this writing was therapeutic for us both. 

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