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'Just Watch'


'Just Watch' Is a series of screen prints created to empower young women.

Just watch is a more personal design project I’ve been working on throughout my sophomore year at SAIC. This project was not created for a client but rather created for the public. I originally started this project with the image shown in the poster, it was a photograph I had taken of my sister in the hopes to show her the classical beauty she possessed and within her. I quickly came to the realization that she did not view herself in this way. Through talking to other young girls I found that they too did not see as much potential and beauty in themselves that I saw in them. Curious I started to research statistics about young girl’s self-esteem and found that,

- 7/10 girls believe they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way. Their looks, performance in school, relationships, etc.

-7/10 girls don’t voice their opinions because of low self-esteem.

-8/10 women think they have to be perfect and never show weakness.

-Only 4/100 girls consider themselves beautiful.

Saddened by this I wanted to create a piece to hopefully say to young women that someday they will see how capable, strong, and beautiful they are and hopefully, my sister will be one of them because, I truly believe that Just Watch, There’s Strength in her and There’s Strength in You.


On the Chicago streets 

Experimental Collages


Print Process photos

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